Ginnybear's Ragdolls is a small cattery breeding Ragdoll kittens for sale, located on the East End of Long Island, New York.  Please visit our Available Ragdoll Kittens for Sale page to view photos of our currently available Ragdoll kittens.


The Ragdoll is an American cat breed with a medium-length, silky, rabbit-like coat.  The Ragdoll cat is best known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature.  The name "Ragdoll" is derived from the popular misconception that these cats go completely limp and relax when picked up, more often than other cats.  It is also a myth that Ragdolls are pain resistant.

Ragdolls have a sturdy body with a large frame, proportionate legs, and a soft coat with points.  Adult cats can be 15-20 lbs without being considered obese, and a fatty pad under the abdomen is typical.

The Ragdoll cat typically has a very gentle and relaxed temperament.  When the Ragdoll cat is socialized from birth, the kittens are attentive and affectionate members of the family that enjoy and seek out human companionship.

Ragdoll cats remain playful throughout their lives, adjust well to children and pets, and are sometimes called "puppycats" because of their propensity to follow their owners from room to room.  They have dog-like personalities.  They can be easily trained to stay off certain furniture, use a scratching post, and even to learn how to play fetch.

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